The New Legal Venture Platform from ASB Consulting Group: Premier Legal Documents for the Venture Industry

ASB Consulting Group is excited to announce the launch of the unique Legal Venture platform, providing access to legal document templates, guides and valuable information for participants in the investment and particularly the venture market.

Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on document preparation. Just register on the website: and have all the documents at your fingertips.

🔹A Platform You Can Trust
The platform is built on deep knowledge of the venture investment market. Our templates have been tested and approved by market participants and successfully used in over 300 closed deals. We save up to 80% of the time required for document preparation, allowing our users to focus on developing their business.

The library includes key documents such as term sheets for venture deals, NDAs for various counterparties, stock and share purchase agreements, convertible loan agreements, option agreements, charters for "Skolkovo" companies, and much more.

Each template is prepared by experts with over 10 years of experience in the venture industry. Additionally, you can consult with practicing lawyers and customize any template to fit your specific case.

🔹Social Mission
Ekaterina Zakharova, partner and head of the venture practice at ASB Consulting Group and founder of the Legal Venture platform, explains:

We are a team of venture lawyers who have worked and will continue to work on the development and popularization of the venture market. We decided to share our knowledge, experience, and developments with everyone who might find them useful. My main thought when working on this project was that things should be done right from the very beginning. The venture market itself is very small, and there are very few specialized lawyers who understand the specifics, best practices, and have relevant experience, so only the best will be here.

Legal Venture aims to make legal support accessible to all participants in the venture market, especially those who cannot always afford specialized legal services, without compromising on quality. This is our social mission—to help you start and develop your projects properly.

🔹Feedback and Development
It is very important for us that you share your opinions and suggestions about using the platform, and we will continue to develop and improve it! You can contact us via Telegram @LegalVenture.