Accounting and Finance Consulting

Maintaining and restoring RAS accounting and tax records

We keep records for clients on a turnkey basis and restore proper accounting records for past periods.

Preparing IFRS financial statements

We prepare IFRS statements based on clients’ accounting data.

Financial due diligence 

We audit the financial status of companies and confirm whether the targets used in their financial models are correct.

Maintaining tax records for ordinary and investment partnerships, and accounting records for joint ventures

We keep segregated records in relation to joint venture agreements, record partnership transactions on a separate balance sheet if the accounting function is delegated to one of the partners, draw up profit and loss statements for investment partnerships, etc.

Building up an accounting methodology and shaping accounting policies

We help set up proper record-keeping procedures from scratch.

Keeping personal records and payroll calculations

We keep personnel records and calculate payroll, personal income tax and compulsory insurance premiums.

 Track record

Keeping records for investment partnerships

Our company provides support for 10%+ of investment partnership agreements entered into in Russia. Our investment partnership clients successfully undergo B4 audits every year.

Financial and tax due diligence of an industrial and trading group

We successfully completed a financial and tax due diligence in respect of a group of four companies. We succeeded in optimising our client’s financial flows and saving RUB 50 m Roubles for the client on a quarterly basis.

We completed a pre-investment review of the company’s financial model.

We reviewed their model and built an optimised one. These efforts resulted in the company cutting costs and raising investments.