Statutory audits

We conduct statutory audits of RAS and IFRS financial statements.

Voluntary audit (checking the status of accounting operations)

We conduct voluntary audits focusing on RAS and IFRS financial statements, including for identifying investor risks before a business is acquired, for internal management purposes, for complying with requirements set by institutional owners, etc.

Tax due diligence

We express our opinion on the reliability of tax records and issue recommendations for eliminating any detected tax risk exposures as part of a pre-sale and pre-investment audit, as well as for other management purposes.

HR audit

We check whether HR records are consistent with the applicable rules and provide recommendations on how to eliminate any shortcomings identified.

Preparation and transformation of IFRS financial statements

We prepare IFRS financial statements and transform financial statements prepared in accordance with the RAS into ones prepared on the basis of the IFRS, including for the purposes of creating consolidated financial statements, public offerings, complying with investor requirements, etc.

Track record

Transformation of financial statements for bond issue purposes

We transformed financial statements into IFRS compliant ones covering the last year and first six months of the current year for a client who intended to issue and subsequently offer bonds.

Audit of an oilfield services company

We completed a statutory audit of an oilfield services company. The project included auditing of several legal entities.

Tax due diligence of a software company

We completed a pre-sale tax audit of a group of software companies to be taken over by a strategic investor and also helped the client eliminate the risks identified by developing and restoring missing or incorrect documents, including source documents, contracts, etc.


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