Taxes and Tax Disputes

Tax Due Diligence and Tax Audit

We conduct pre-investment and pre-sale due diligence, verify tax calculations, including ones used in financial models, make sure that all taxes are paid in time and in full, and identify other tax risks.

International Tax Structuring 

We provide advice on optimising the tax structure of businesses and assets in Russia and abroad, including in the context of investments and M&A transactions.

Controlled Foreign Companies (CFCs)

We provide advice on CFC regulations, prepare notices of participation in CFCs, prepare tax statements for taxation of income earned by CFCs.

Controlled Transactions

We provide tax advice on transactions between related parties and controlled transactions, and prepare controlled transaction notices.

Advice on Tax Benefits and Reduced Tax Rates

We provide advice on eligibility for tax benefits (tax incentives for Skolkovo participants, residents of special economic zones, IT and innovative companies, local tax benefits under the simplified tax system, 0% VAT rates, etc.).

Tax Preparation for Entities and Individuals, and Communication with Tax Authorities

We prepare and file tax statements, provide legal assistance in procedures related to investment partnership registration with tax authorities, prepare notices of bank accounts opened outside Russia, etc.

Tax Audit Support

We provide advice on tax audit prospects, verify the correctness and completeness of documents to be submitted for tax audits, participate in reviewing tax audit reports, and draft complaints against tax authority decisions.

Tax Dispute Support and Legal Representation

We assess the prospects of success in tax disputes, advise on participation in tax disputes, represent clients in tax disputes at all levels of the judicial system, appeal against tax decisions imposing liability on the taxpayer, etc.

Other Tax Advice

We provide a full range of written and oral consultations for entities and individuals.

Track record

Conducted a pre-sale due diligence of a corporate group consisting of eight entities

As part of the preparations for a business sale, we conducted a pre-sale due diligence of an industrial and trading group, revealing a number of violations that the client later eliminated based on our recommendations.

Claimed a VAT refund (over 100 m Russian Roubles) for a coal mining company

We conducted a tax due diligence of a coal mining business. The due diligence revealed that the company was entitled to over 100 m Russian Roubles in refunded VAT. We assisted the company in preparing and filing all the documents required for claiming the refund, which was credited to the taxpayer’s account in 2020.

Filed CFC reports

More than 600 clients have entrusted us with preparing and filing notices and statements related to their participation in CFCs.

Obtained a judgment invalidating a tax claim for over 500 m Russian Roubles

We represented a printing company in cassation proceedings and successfully obtained a judgment invalidating the tax authority claim for an additional property tax and VAT totaling 500 m Russian Roubles.


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