Wealth Management

Wealth Structuring and Asset Restructuring

We develop a well-aligned, customised asset structure to help our clients operate, manage, protect and enhance their businesses, income sources and personal assets in Russia and abroad.

Advice on Personal Income Tax and Property Tax

We review the current state of assets and income structure, provide tax planning and tax optimisation advice, recommendations on how to prevent and correct tax violations in Russia and abroad, and legal assistance with procedures related to controlled foreign companies (CFCs).

Investment Support

We conduct due diligence of investment vehicles and provide legal support for transactions involving acquisition of assets in Russia and abroad.

Family Wealth Protection

We set up trust funds, provide advice on inheritance, succession and shared ownership.

Creation and support of the personal fund

Advising on the creation of a personal fund, including structuring, preparation and coordination with the Ministry of Justice of the necessary documents, as well as accounting and legal support of the personal fund.

Track record

Restructured a business and set up a trust

Following a review of the current structure, we developed and implemented a new business structure for our client. The new structure precluded double taxation in cross-border transactions. The project included development of the regulatory framework for the client’s business activities in Russia, Cyprus and Singapore. Also, a trust with a regular replenishment mechanism was set up in Cyprus to retain the income for the family members.

Advised on personal income tax following a change of tax residence

Our client charged us with reducing the asset sale transaction costs pending a change in the client’s tax residence. Having reviewed the client’s previous investment activities, the way the assets were registered, their acquisition costs, the applicable tax regime, the impending withdrawals from such assets and, bearing in mind the expected change of the client’s tax residence and the client’s regular relocations (USA, Singapore, Russia), we provided our recommendations and helped implement the procedures for mitigating the potential tax burden on the client and the consequences of previous tax violations to a total of about 35 m Russian Roubles.

Creation of the personal fund

We advised a private client on the creation of Russia's second personal fund, resolving, among other things, the structuring of personal assets, the order of management of the personal fund and inheritance issues.


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