Intellectual Property and Personal Data

Intellectual Property Registration

We verify the correctness of registration of exclusive rights and copyright compliance, prepare a set of registration documents for works made for hire, draft contracts for creation of intellectual products and prepare sets of registration documents for know-how. 

Registration of Patents, Licences, Computer Programs and Databases, Works, Trade Marks and Other Means of Identification

We register patents, licences, computer programs and databases, works, trade marks and other means of identification with the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, the Russian Authors Society, etc.

International Patenting and Protection of Intellectual Property in Foreign Countries

We file international patent applications and register intellectual property abroad (in over 80 countries).

Legal Support for Sale of Social Media Accounts, Telegram Channels, Websites, Domain Names

We assist in registration of transfer of social media accounts, Telegram channels, websites, domain names and other non-standard intellectual property.

IP Due Diligence

We verify that intellectual property has been properly created and transferred.

Data Processing Registration

We prepare a set of documents covering the entire process of collection, storage and processing of personal data. We assist companies in their registration on the Register of Data Processors, with the Federal Supervisory Service for Communications, Information Technology and the Media. We provide legal support to clients during data compliance audits conducted by the Federal Supervisory Service for Communications, Information Technology and the Media.

Advice on Localisation and Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data

We help formalise cross-border transfer of Russian individuals’ personal data.

Advice on GDPR Compliance

We conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments. We prepare a set of documents under the GDPR to formalise the company’s handling of personal data. We assist companies in registering with the EU Data Protection Authorities. 

Track record

Provided legal support for implementation of an integrated IT solution

For a year, we provided legal assistance to an IT project involving development of an industrial cybersecurity solution. The project was implemented by the joint efforts of the client’s inhouse experts and third-party contractors. The solution included several computer programs and databases, and was implemented in stages. We were charged with regulating relations with the authors of the intellectual property and securing the exclusive rights to such intellectual property for the client. For this project, we drafted over 500 documents formalising creation of the IT solution, which was subsequently registered on the Register of Computer Programs and Databases.

Provided legal support for sale of the major Telegram channel 

We provided legal support for a precedent-setting transaction involving sale of one of the biggest Telegram channels on the Runet with 650 thousand subscribers for a price of 50 m Russian Roubles.

Advised an online logistics and transport platform on data processing operations

A company providing a cloud-based online service connecting vehicle owners, service stations and testing laboratories charged us with developing a complete regulatory framework for its activities. We prepared a set of bylaws and data policies, structured placement of the necessary documents, notifications and pop-up banners on the client’s website, registered the client on the Register of Data Processors and with the Federal Supervisory Service for Communications, Information Technology and the Media, assisted the client in leasing a data processing centre for storage and processing of personal data, etc.


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