The New Economic Reality

Online advice on the restrictions and key amendments to the legislation

The international sanctions imposed on Russian businesses and subsequent changes to the national legislation have triggered the possibility of customary transactions entailing risks of legal breaches. We provide online assistance to our clients in identifying whether their transactions comply with the current legislation.

Support for structuring business processes subject to legislative and sanction restrictions

The new restrictions on doing business necessitate new business structuring scenarios. We support our clients in seeking a tailored solution to reduce their business losses and structure their business processes in the context of the current restrictions.

Support for receiving payments for performed transactions

The sanctions imposed have thrown many clients into such a disadvantageous position that they are unable to receive payments for transactions with foreign partners that have already been completed since transfers of funds from partners’ countries are prohibited. On a case-by-case basis, we assist in finding an acceptable option for the partner to perform the transaction avoiding any violation of the legislation and restrictions imposed.


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