Legal Representation

Devising a strategy for judicial protection of the client’s rights

We evaluate the prospects for the case and choose the best line of defence.

Representation in negotiations with the opposing party to a dispute

We help parties reach a settlement before going to court.

Representation of clients in court

We support our clients at any stage of a dispute: we draw up pre-action complaints, review case files and issue relevant recommendations, draw up statements of claim, petitions, court appeals, etc.

Supporting bankruptcy proceedings involving legal entities or individuals

We help our clients prepare bankruptcy petitions, have their claims included on the register of creditors' claims, support all debtor-related procedures, and so on.

Supporting clients during enforcement proceedings

We represent our clients in their relations with bailiffs at all stages of enforcement proceedings.

Mediation services

We will help you include a mediation clause in the contract, as well as offer to use the mediation procedure in the text of a pre-trial claim. We advise on the application of mediation in a pending lawsuit.

Track record

We succeeded in collecting an amount owed under a Guarantee Agreement for a foreign citizen client through cassation proceedings after the trial and appeal courts disallowed the claim.

USD 347 thousand was awarded to our client under the Guarantee Agreement relating to a Loan Agreement.

We represented a Swiss company in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

We won an action in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, where USD 507 thousand was awarded in connection with a Coal Supply Contract.

We succeeded in proving failure to comply with a corporate agreement, with the court awarding a fine in favour of our client and making the defendant transfer its stake in the company.

We succeeded in pursuing our client’s claim in the third instance, with the court allowing the claim and making the defendant transfer its stake in a limited liability company at par value. The case created a precedent and proved it was, indeed, possible to protect a party’s right to acquire a stake in a company at a predetermined price based on a corporate agreement.

We succeeded in having a tax authority decision to charge RUB 700 m in additional tax declared as unlawful.

We succeeded in pursuing the claim in three instances.

Reducing the cadastral value of large properties for tax purposes.

We saved 2/3 of the potential tax amount for our client.

Supporting a manufacturing company in bankruptcy proceedings.

We managed to preserve key assets for our client, thereby enabling it to restart its business.


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